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200 hours of Active Global's Caregiver Training featured on Duke-NUS' "Gateway to Learning"

Submitted on Sep 05, 2014 • By admin

The Active Global Specialised Caregiver team of senior nurses developed 200 hours of training for our Specialised Caregivers.

We quickly realised that these Caregiver trainings can also be very useful to family caregivers, and when Duke-NUS suggested to host theses trainings on their e-learning gateway, we thought it was a great idea. 

You can access all the trainings for free at  (no need to register, you can just click on "VISITOR ENTER HERE")

You will be able to access training modules for specific common conditions such as "Caregiving for Dementia", "Caregiving for Stroke patients", as well as the basic training modules around Activities of Daily Living (Mobility, Hygiene, Nutrition, etc). Specific modules on dealing with various emergencies and preventing falls are also available.

nb- These training modules are in flash, and are best viewed on Desktops and Android tablets (not compatible with Ipad)