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A daily dose of Joy to help seniors stay Active and Healthy

  • While staying at home is the best option for the elderly during the COVID19 Circuit Breaker, it doesn't mean that seniors should go idle.
  • The engagement of seniors through physical activities, games, music, conversation, etc, is fundamental to their well being and health.
  • During these challenging times, our Active Global team of nurses, physiotherapists, and social workers decided to share with you some key resources to bring a daily dose of Joy to your elderly loved ones.
  • You can download our "Home Activities" printable booklet, for free at this link. We provide also list more ideas and resources below. 
Activities Booklet

Physical Exercises for seniors

Here are a few sugggested resources.

  • Get Fit with Me 健康那些事 全民来防疫 (Channel 8): link
  • You can get moving (HPB) link
  • Strengthening Exercises For The Elderly (Part 1): Upper Body (Singhealth): link
  • Strengthening Exercises For The Elderly (Part 2): Lower Limbs (Singhealth): link
  • Seated exercise for all ages (Zaobao): link
  • Simple Stretching for seniors (SG Active Health): Link to playlist
  • GoodLife! Workout Full Tutorial (Music) 快乐健康操完整版(音乐): link

Please ensure to follow all safety requirements before engaging in exercise

HPB Playlist

Quiet Activities for Seniors

  • AIC's new activities booklet in English and Chinese (link)
  • Moving Memories show - National Museum of Singapore (link)
  • Natural History colourings (to print) - National Museum of Singapore (link)
  • How to play Solitaire: link
  • How to play the card game of "War": link
  • How to play a game of Memory: link
  • Colouring (to be downloaded and printed): link
  • Word Search (to be dowloaded and printed): link
  • Sudoku (to be dowloaded and printed): link
  • Sums (to be downloaded and printed): link

Sing Along for Seniors

We hope that you will all enjoy these 'Oldies but Goodies'...

  • The best of Teresa Teng : link
  • Chinese Evergreen Oldies 怀 念 情 歌 part 1 : link
  • Hong Kong Unforgettable Cantonese Golden Hits 1 香港粤语难忘金曲 1 : link
  • Malay Oldies: link
  • Tamil Oldies : link
  • English language Oldies: link

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