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Our Fees

The most affordable professional home care solution
Monthly Live-In Caregiver salary:
  • Starts at S$ 600, goes up to S$ 1,000, depending
    on Caregiver’s education and experience level
    • You can reduce the cost of the monthly levy from S$ 300/ month to S$ 60/ month under the "Aged person scheme" or "Persons with disabilities scheme" (details)

    • If you are eligible, you can apply for the Home Caregiving Grant (HCG) Grant by AIC, and benefit from another S$ 200/ month. (details)

  • You will be the employer, and sign a FDW contract with the Caregiver. Salary is to be paid directly to the Caregiver
Agency fees:
  • A one-off set-up fee of S$ 2,675 with GST, inclusive of:
    • Work permit application fee (S$35) & Issuance fee (S$35)  
    • Settling in programme (S$75)
    • Medical Check-up
    • Caregiver’s food and lodging in Singapore before issuance of workpass
    • Home visit from our nursing trainer
    • Follow up (as needed) during the duration of the Caregiver’s engagement
    • Caregiver’s uniforms
  • Insurance: S$292 with GST


  • Surcharge for Filipino Caregivers: S$ 642 with GST
  • Surcharge for Advance Placement Scheme : S$ 588.50 with GST
  • Surcharge for Paedatric cases : S$ 856 with GST
Private Nursing option:
  • We have a pool of local nurses (retired or part-timers), who can support your caregiving needs on short-term basis,
  • Please click here for more details and prices


Subsidised Home Care services
  • Active Global was selected by Ministry of Health to provide subsidised home care services
  • Please click here for more details and prices


Payment options: Nets, Cheque, Bank Transfer. Credit Card payment available for Live-In Caregivers fees only.

Other Services:

- Arrangement of plane ticket: Service fee of S$ 16.05 with GST

- Accommodation of Live-In Caregiver on behalf of employer (food and lodging): S$ 37.45 per day with GST

- Pre-approval from MOM for Male Caregiver, Third FDW, etc.: S$ 267.50 with GST

Prices valid as of August 1, 2019. Subject to modification without notice


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