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What is a Live-In Caregiver?

  • A Live-In Caregiver takes care of an elderly or sick client in his or her home. The Live-In Caregiver is a personal help, health aide, and companion for a patient.
  • Our Caregivers can take care of Dementia patients, Stroke Patients, Cancer patients, and many other conditions.
  • Duties mainly focus on Activities of Daily Living (hygiene, feeding, mobilisation, exercise), and their patient’s emotional and social well-being.
  • Live-In Caregivers also support the patient with their specific household tasks, but they are unable to do major chores for other members of the family.
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Our Caregivers obtained their diplomas and certificates overseas and were interviewed by our nurse recruiters before they were selected into the Active Global Talent Pool. Only Caregivers with the right nursing skills and attitude make the cut.

Active Global Singapore has a fully-equipped Caregiving Training Centre at Goldhill Plaza, where all new recruits are re-trained to Singapore standards and to their specific patient’s condition before they start working. We have 6 Nurse-Trainers working full time on Training and supporting our Caregivers in Singapore.

Being the Pioneer in bringing live-in Caregivers in Singapore since 2013, we have invested heavily in Training from inception. Active Global has developed a proprietary training curriculum for Caregivers, developed with the support of international experts in Nursing and Geriatrics.


Advance Placement Scheme

  • Interview your Caregiver face-to-face Today
  • Get her started within a few days!
  • Pilot programme from Ministry of Manpower, subjet to eligibility of Employer
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Follow-up visit by a Nurse-Trainer

  • One of our local Nurse-Trainers will give you a call to schedule a home visit, after your Caregiver has already settled-in and started to care for the patient.
  • The goal of this visit is for the Nurse-Trainer to review the Patient’s care plan, give additional training and suggestions to the caregiver as needed, and listen to any feedback you may have, so that the caregiver can be counselled if needed.
  • This visit will be scheduled at your convenience.
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Ethical Recruiting at Active Global

Ethically Recruited

  • Ethical recruiting is a core belief of Active Global. It means we only recruit people based on merit. It also means that our Caregivers have very high incentives to perform well and stay affiliated with Active Global over the long term.
  • No agency fee means higher net pay of 25% to 40% for our Caregivers. Their job is very tough, we think they should be paid fairly.
  • Our Caregivers use their pay to save for the future, get out of poverty, send their children to a better school pay for their family’s medical bills etc.
Cost of a Live-In Caregiver

Cost of a Live-In Caregiver

  • Monthly Salary starts at $600, goes up to $1,000,
    depending on Caregiver’s qualification and experience.
  • A one-time Agency Fee of S$2,675 w/ GST*
  • Insurance valid for 2 years: $274
  • *To learn more, please click below
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