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Home Caregiving Grant

  • The Home Caregiving Grant (HCG) can be used to defray the costs of caregiving expenses, such as the costs of eldercare and caregiver support services in the community, or hiring of a Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW). The HCG is a monthly cash payout of $200.
  • The HCG can be used to pay for all services including Live-in Caregivers, Subsidised Home Care, Subsidised Senior Care Centres and other non-subsidised services.
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Subsidised Care Services

  • If an elderly person needs care and treatment after being discharged from an acute hospital, or needs supervision and assistance to manage daily life, they may be eligible for intermediate and long-term care (ILTC) services.
  • Singapore's Ministry of Health recognises that the bills for ILTC services can be significant over longer periods of time. These services are subsidized to help elderly and their families offset the bills of these people needing care. Subsidy level are determined by Means-Testing.
  • Clients attending Eldercare Centres (such as Community Rehabilitation, Dementia Day Care Centres, Maintenance Day Care Centres, Senior Care Centres), requiring Home-Based Services (such as Home Palliative Care, Home Medical, Home Nursing, Home Personal Care) are eligible for subsidies (subject to means-testing).
Subsidised Services

Foreign Domestic Worker Levy Concession

  • The Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW) Levy Concession for Persons with Disabilities is to support households who need to hire FDW to care for seniors and disabled persons by paying a lower monthly concessionary FDW levy of $60.
  • The FDW Levy Concession will be automatically triggered by MOM when you apply for an FDW, and can be used when you hire a Live-in caregiver from us.


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Seniors' Mobility and Enabling Fund

  • The Senior Mobility Fund (SMF) supports caregivers in caring for seniors at home. It provides subsidies to offset the costs of assistive devices and home healthcare consumables.
  • Please call us to find out how Active Global can help you apply to the Senior Mobility Fund while benefiting from our care services. 

How can Active Global Assist in applying for grants?

We can advise on the relevant grants that the client can benefit from, check the eligibility criteria and requirements.


Our Social Workers can conduct household means testing for clients who sign-up for different services to determine the subsidy levels and eligibility for grants

Assist with the actual application process

 *  All grant applications are subject to approval by the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC).


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