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How We Work With You


Caregiving Consultation
When you call us, we schedule an assesment at first.
Our Caregiving Consultant needs to fully understand the patient's condition, and any specific request you may have.
Identify the best specialised caregiver for you
We identify the Best Specialised Caregiver for your need, Based on the Patient’s specific condition, but also on his / her interests. A good personality match is very important for the patient’s morale and well being!
Decide on level of support needed
You decide on which level of support you require, and sign our Caregiving support contract

You can either get support 6 or 7 days a week. If you decide on 7 days a week, we will provide a local respite Caregiver for you, when your regular Caregiver is off or away on leave (at additional cost)
Specialised caregiver starts working at your home
Professional Home Training provided by our Nursing Trainer
Our Nursing Trainer visits the Patient and the Caregiver in the first weeks of service, to make sure that everything is going smoothly. The Trainer goes through the Care Plan with the Caregiver and relevant skills are reinforced.
On-going quality control and support
You can call our hotline whenever you need, we will do our best to address any issue promptly

We also provide regular support and sunday trainings to our Caregivers, to give them an opportunity to refresh and reinforce their skills, and to make new friends.