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Example Live-In Caregivers

... from a few of our Specialised Caregivers currently deployed in Singapore


“My motivation is to provide holistic care for my patient.

Nermie finished her BS Nursing degree from Abra Valley Colleges, Philippines in 2008. She worked for 3 years in the Philippines. One year as a staff nurse at St. James Hospital and 2 years as a caregiver for a bedridden patient. 

Nermie’s employer says: “We are happy with her. She is a quick learner, very responsible, and caring.”



“To make my patients healthy and energetic again.”

Elsie completed her BS Nursing degree from Baquet State University, Philippines in 1994. She has also finished specialist courses in physiotherapy, nursing aid, and aroma therapy. She worked as an intellectual disability officer for a nursing home for 3 years in Korea. She has worked for over 8 years in home elderly care in Singapore.  

Elsie's employer says: "My mom made more improvements in the 5+ days that she was there [with Elsie] compared to the 50+ days in the hospital under the doctors and nurses. Thanks for your help in helping us get Elsie."


"I feel happiest when I give the best care to my client”

Jil graduated first of her class with a 2-year certificate in Auxiliary Nursing from the Thrissur District Cooperative Hospital, Kerala. Her previous nursing experience includes being a senior Auxiliary Nurse in an Eye clinic, where she cared mostly for diabetic and elderly patients. Since she works as a caregiver in Singapore, Jil has been taking care of several Dementia patients.

Jil's employers says: "We were very blessed to have Jil and we all really love her. She is very responsible and took very good care of our mother."

 "Jil is handling the care of my grandmother very well and is very attentive to her."

 "Jil is doing a really good job,  she laughs a lot, which eases tension when situation can be challenging"


I believe with my 10 years of nursing experience, I will be able to provide a holistic care for my patient.

Shiji has a Nursing Assistance Certification from Wesfort Hospital, where she has also worked in general ward, outpatient department, neonatal nursery, ICU (medical, neuro, cardiac), dialysis, and labour ward. She has also worked at the Vasan Eye Care Hospital before she became a live-in caregiver in Singapore. She is currently taking care of a dementia patient in Singapore..

Watch a testimonial from Shiji's employer here:

Dhammika A.

A person caring for another represents one of life's greatest values.

Dhammika obtained her nursing diploma in 1989 and worked in Asiri Surgical Hospital, Sri Lanka. She has over 10 years professional experience in a medical center and has experience with medical and surgical patients. In 2015, she cared for a dementia patient in Hong Kong..

Dhammika's employer says: "My Dad's amazing nurse Dhammika helped him make a birthday card. She also helped my Dad and Mum plan a birthday surprise for me. She is truly a blessing to my family. Constantly engaging my Dad who has dementia to keep his mind active."

Lwin M.Z.

I want to provide comfort, tenderness, love, and care to my patients.

Lwin completed her 3 months Caregiver Certificate training from Aria Training & Consultancy in 2016. Before working with Active Global, she had looked after children for 1.3 years in Singapore and had hospital experience in Myanmar for 4 years.

Lwin’s employer says: "She is competent, especially with bedridden patients and on tracheostomy care. My mother appears to be happier. She looks comfortable and is smiling."


“I feel satisfied as a caregiver, being able to care and provide medical attention to the best of my abilities.

Upon graduating with a bachelor in nursing, Pranav further pursued hist studies to join PGD Health Care Management in London. He worked as a staff nurse at Kedar Hopital, Ahmedabad. In 2009, he took the opportunity to be a live-in healthcare assistant in UK. Pranav is currently working as a Live-In Caregiver in Singapore.

Pranav's employer says: “Thanks to our caregiver, our father has improved remarkably over the last weeks. He is more mobile, is doing his exercises, and is even leaving the flat to go outside. Pranav has been very diligent in preparing healthy meals for him with less salt and less sugar. Our caregiver has been a great help to us.”

The doctor of Pranav's client says: "I notice that the patient has made good improvements, especially in maintaining a healthy diet which is important with his conditions."


“I want to be a caregiver because I like to communicate with elderly people and give them quality care as much as I can.”

Sudha has a Diploma in General Nursing and Midwifery from Salvation Army Evanenine Booth Hospital in AhamadnagarBefore becoming a Caregiver in Singapore, Sudha was most recently working as a staff nurse in Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital in Pune, where she worked in Intensive Cardiac Care Unit, Surgical ICU, Medical ICU, Neonatal ICU, Paediatric ICU, Operating Theatre, Labour Ward and Diagnostic Department.  She is currently taking care of a bed-ridden patient in his home in Singapore.

Sudha's employer says: "Sudha is very conscientious"



 I always try to bring a smile to my patient. I give them a hug if they need one!”

Shiromani took an intensive course (6 months) in Caregiver Training with Advanced Training in Geriatric Care at the National Institute for Technical Education of Sri Lanka. She was able to use this training when she moved to Israel where she was a personal caregiver for more than 4 years, first with a paralysed Alzheimer’s patient and then for a disabled patient. While in Israel, she took a CPR course and passed the exam at Magen David Adom. She is currently taking care of an Alzheimer patient in her home in Singapore.

Shiromani's employer says: "Shiromani is very gentle and knows her work. She knows how to talk to our sister. "