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Advance Placement Scheme

What is the Advance Placement Scheme?
  • The Advance Placement Scheme is a pilot programme facilitated Ministry of Manpower to enable faster deployment of Live-In Caregivers.
  • Under this scheme, Active Global is able to bring in Live-In Caregivers to Singapore earlier and help them find a placement with a suitable employer. This scheme will enable faster deployment and better patient-caregiver match through direct, face-to-face interviews during the selection process.
Who is eligible for the Advance Placement Scheme?
  • Only employers whose household qualifies for the concessionary levy are able to employ a caregiver under the Advance Placement Scheme. These households qualify if:
    • A Singaporean or PR elderly person aged 67 and above resides in the household, or
    • A family member with disabilities (certified by a Singapore-registered doctor) resides in the household, or
    • A Singaporean child or grandchild aged below 16 resides in the household.
  • Eligible employers can apply to the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) for the FDW Training Grant. Active Global can provide support in this process if necessary.
  • Non-eligible employers can still hire a caregiver from Active Global, and we will be able to deploy a caregiver within our normal time frame (2 to 3 weeks between signature of contract and deployment of caregiver).
  • Due to high demand for the Advance Placement Scheme, Active Global will prioritize employers whose Work Permit application can be fast tracked (example: Employers who have already taken the EOP training, employers who are entitled to a FDW without any need to make an appeal to MOM). As for the other cases it usually take longer for the work permit application to be processed, we suggest it may be more effective to pursue the normal route (hire a caregiver who is still in her home country), and let her fly to Singapore as soon at the permit is approved.
How to get a caregiver under the Advance Placement Scheme?
  • Just call our 24/7 customer service at 6536 0086. We will schedule an assessment with one of our Caregiving Consultant (an experienced nurse). Our Consultant will visit the patient at home or at the hospital, and once she understands the care needs she will recommend a shortlist of suitable Live-In Caregivers who are immediately available through the Advance Placement Scheme.
Is there a surcharge if I get an Advance Placement Scheme caregiver?
  • Yes, there is a surcharge of $588.50 w/GST. See detailed pricing breakdown at this link
What are the qualifications of Active Global’s caregivers under the Advance Placement Scheme?
  • We have several profiles of caregivers and our Caregiving Consultant will recommend the profile which is best suited for the patient’s needs:
    • Nursing Aides: 3 to 6 month basic caregiver training + relevant elderly care experience – Salary S$ 600 to 750 – Suitable for simple cases.
    • Auxiliary nurses: 1 to 2 years nursing training + relevant elderly care experience – Salary S$ 700 to 850 – Suitable for more advanced cases.
    • Diploma and BSc Nurses: 3 to 4 years nursing training + relevant elderly care experience – Salary S$ 800 to 1,000 – Suitable for complex cases.
  • All our caregivers have been interviewed by a senior nurse during our recruiting process, and are given an induction and bedside training (with the patient) by our Nursing Trainers after their arrival in Singapore.
What are the duties of a Live-In Caregiver?
  • Take care of an elderly or a sick / disabled patient, and lives at his or her home in Singapore;
  • Duties will mainly focus on Activities of Daily Living of one patient (hygiene, feeding, mobilisation, exercise), but our caregivers work holistically, which means that the care plan will also include psycho-social activities;
  • Providing quality specialised care is a full time commitment and therefore our caregivers are unable to take care of other family members’ household chores;
  • However, the live-in caregiver will support the patient with his specific household tasks, including preparing meals, laundry, changing bed sheets, making sure the client is in a clean environment (cleaning their room and bathroom) etc.;
  • The live-in caregivers will need to get enough rest (minimum 8 hours per day) and privacy. They can help the patient once or twice during the night provided they get additional rest time during the day. 
What if I am not satisfied with my Advance Placement Scheme caregiver?
  • We have several profiles of caregivers and our consultant will recommend the profile which is best suited for the patient’s needs:
  • Our usual replacement terms and conditions will apply. Please see our FAQ for more details
Selected Caregivers Profiles

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