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  • For Patients who are new to Peritoneal Dialysis After the hospital training is completed, you will be more comfortable if you get the assistance of a Dialysis Nurse for the first few days or weeks after hospital discharge.
  • For Patients who require long term assistance with Peritoneal Dialysis A Live-In Caregiver specifically trained in Home Dialysis will be a great support to your daily life.
  • For Patient’s whose usual Peritoneal Dialysis caregiver is temporarily unavailable Regular visits by our Home Dialysis trained nurses will help you in the short term.



  Weekdays (8am to 8pm) Night (8pm to 8am)
Sat/Sundays and Public Holidays
Trouble-shooting nursing visit
For Assisted PD or PD
$148.20 per visit $266.76 per visit

Wound dressing

$148.20 per visit $266.76 per visit
Management of contamination
Preparation prior to re-admission
$266.76 per visit $480.17 per visit
Hand-holding for CAPD exchange $417.60 per visit
(maximum 12 hours)
$496.80 per visit
(maximum 12 hours)
APD assistance
(1 connection + 1 disconnection)
$266.76 per visit
$366.76 per visit
At Home PD Training
For stable patients only Supplies provided by the client
per training
4 to 5 days
8. Live-In Caregiver
S$2,725 w/GST One time setup fee (Myanmar, India, Sri Lanka Caregivers)
S$3,161 w/GST Filipino Caregivers
S$2,875 w/GST Indonesian Caregivers
S$3,324.50 w/GST Advance Placement Scheme
S$3,597 w/GST For Pediatric cases
All prices exclude MDW insurance & 3rd party costs.
Monthly salary to be paid directly by client to caregiver (S$600 to S$1,000)
9. Health Care Assistant Visit S$34.10 per hour
MoH Subsidies may apply to our HCA visits, please ask us for details



Package Contents Light Package Medium Package Maxi Package
Nurse visit (Peritoneal Dialysis specialist) Once every 2 weeks Once per week Once every 2 weeks
Live-In Caregiver X X Full time, 6 days per week
Monthly Price S$282 S$534 S$282
+ monthly salary of caregiver
+ 1 time set-up fee



  • Is your staff trained to Dialysis? Yes, our team of local nurses have been specifically trained by a renownd Peritoneal Dialysis provider. Our qualifed Peritoneal Dialysis nurse trainers are able to train and advise patients, family members and their live-in caregivers on Peritoneal Dialysis.
  • What is a live-in caregiver? A Live-In Caregiver is a foreign-trained nurse or nursing aide who works in Singapore under a FDW work permit. Active Global re-trains all Live-In Caregivers to Singapore standards before they start working with their patients.
  • How to get Home Dialysis support from Active Global? Please call our hotline at 65360086 to arrange a free-of-charge consultation with one of our dialysis nurses. The nurse will be able to help you determine which level of home care service you need and make all arrangements for the service to get started.
  • What are your payment terms? All services to be paid in advance. Packages to be paid at the beginning of each quarter.