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Special MOM FDW Transfer Scheme (Covid19)

From Wednesday (May 20) 2020, as per a new MOM scheme, Active Global will be able to help employers cancel their FDW work permit, even if she does not yet have a new employer.

Active Global will then take over the management of the FDW during the transition period before she finds work. The former employer will no longer be liable for the worker. Active Global takes over accommodation, food, insurance, and full responsibility for the worker

A 14-day Special Pass will be issued when her work permit is cancelled. The worker will have 14 days to find her a new employer (with our assistance), after which Active Global must repatriate her if unsuccessful.

If you are currently employing an FDW who is qualified for elderly care (holding a caregiver certificate, nursing aide certificate, nursing diploma or nursing degree), you can contact us to enquire if we will be able to take-over the responsibility for your FDW.  Please enquire through Whats'app at 8126 4806

Active Global never collects money from workers. Your former FDW will be in good hands with us and will access free induction trainings, free on-ongoing trainings, and potential for career progression.