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Subsidised Home Nursing Service Scope

  • Post-surgical management, e.g. administration of injections, care of central venous line, tracheostomy or drainage tubes;
  • Wound management;
  • Maintenance/changing of urinary catheters and drainage tubes, as applicable;
  • Stoma care, e.g. colostomy and ileostomy care;
  • Monitoring of pain control;
  • Insertion of nasogastric tube (“NGT”) and tube feeding;
  • Assistance with bowel elimination, e.g. enema or manual evacuation;
  • Monitoring of the Client’s medical condition, e.g. blood pressure and blood sugar checks;
  • Providing caregiver education and training with regard to various aspects of care, e.g. prevention of falls, pressure sores, proper feeding techniques, etc.;
  • Advice on activities of daily living, e.g. nutrition counselling and education;
  • Monitoring of medication compliance and proper taking of medication;
  • Administering, supervision and packing of medication. 
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Service Details

Estimated charges at maximum subsidy (Only for Household Means-Tested clients)

  • Singapore Citizen - $0.00 per visit (Monday-Saturday). $88.64 (Sunday & Public Holidays).
  • Please download our brochure here or call us at 6536 0086 to find out detailed fees at your specific subsidy level.

Operational Hours

  • Mondays to Saturdays: 8 am – 8 pm. Sundays, Public Holidays, after operational hours subject to nurse' availability.
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