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Two new Senior Care Centres

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Ghim Moh Edge Senior Care Centre

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A New Care Model and plenty of Fun Activities

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Telok Blangah ParcView Senior Care Centre

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Two New Subsidised Senior Care Centres

  • Ghim Moh Edge - Block 31A - Map | Pictures
  • Telok Blangah ParcView - Block 92 - Map | Pictures
  • Open 7 days a week for your convenience
  • Pick-up and drop-off services available for Elderly.

Day Care services

  • Allow frail seniors with care needs to receive professional care during day-time.
  • Allow dementia patients to do meaningful activities, stay engaged and slow-down cognitive decline.
  • Maintain a healthy life-style with mind-stimulating activities and exercise.
  • Group and individualised activities customised based on client's individual ability.
  • Price at maximum subsidy level: From S$0.00 to S$4.60 per day. 
  • If you need weekend-only daycare service, please click here
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Rehab and Nursing Services

Physiotherapy, Occupational and Speech therapy services

  • Maximise functional improvement
  • Community re-integration
  • SS$10.10 to S$ 15.00 per session at maximum subsidy level,

Simple nursing procedures

  • e.g. wound and stoma management, medication administration, etc.
  • S$4.70 to S$9.60 per session at maximum subsidy level.

Enjoy Life to the fullest

  • All activities have an element of fun, while being therapeutic.
  • Example of activities include: Karaoke, Wii-Bowling, Arcade games, Mah-jong, Calligraphy, Reminiscence games, Outings, etc.
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You can enroll now!

  • Call us 24/7 at 6536 0086 to schedule a free assessment and find out about your subsidy level
  • Our friendly staff will schedule a meeting at your convenience and answer all your questions
  • Both Ghim Moh and the Telok Blangah centres are already operational
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Volunteering Opportunities

  • We are currently looking for volunteers who able to commit at least half a day per week to facilitate the following activities:
  • Culinary activities (baking classes, cooking classes, etc.)
  • Musical activities (playing musical instruments, choir, Karaoke, etc.)
  • Arts & Crafts activities (Drawing, painting, other arts & crafts…)
  • Fitness Activities
  • Dance Activities
  • Games (Mah-jong, card games, bingo, etc.)
  • Experience sharing & story telling
  • Teaching English, Mandarin Chinese, Malay…
  • Teaching Financial literacy
  • Teaching basic Computer literacy, basic I-pad usage…
  • General support at the Senior Care Centre
  • Companionship and support for Outings, etc.
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