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Weekday Respite @ Senior Care Centre

  • Go Respite is a new pilot programme that encourages caregivers to plan ahead and identify a suitable respite option that is able to meet their needs and those of their loved ones. Caregivers can pre-enrol with their preferred senior care centre and complete some necessary pre-admission applications in advance. This shortens the time it takes to gain admission into respite care when you need it. 
  • Go Respite provides short term care that caters for: 1. The short periods where family caregivers have important commitments and are unable to look after their loved ones, when the foreign domestic worker goes on home leave, or when the family caregiver is scheduled for medical treatments ;  2. Family Caregivers to take a short break from their caregiving role to take some time off for themselves
Senior Care Centres

How to Apply or Pre Enroll

Please visit your preferred centre with your loved ones to view our facilities and to find out more about the fees and services

Prepare the following documents

1. Your loved one’s NRIC

2. Past medical reports or discharge summary

3. Your loved one’s medication list including allergies

4. Any information on medical history such as food allergies

5. Doctor’s memo or report if your loved one requires dementia day care

Call us at 6536 0086 and request for the Weekday Respite Service. 

You can also email us at [email protected] to request the service

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Cost of Weekday Respite Service

Estimated charges at maximum subsidy (Only for Household Means-Tested clients)

  • Singapore Citizen - $5.60 to $11.00 per attendance.
  • Permanent Residents - $17.60 to $38.50 per attendance.

Charges for clients without Subsidy or Household Means-Testing

  • $44 to $99 per attendance.
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